Student Spotlights

Tufts University School of Medicine’s online Master of Science in Health Informatics & Analytics program empowers students to develop effective technology solutions to advance healthcare for individuals and communities. Our students form a diverse group of socially conscious, data-driven practitioners and researchers in medicine, public health, and healthcare technology.

We invite you to meet some of our students and explore how their paths have led them to the MS in Health Informatics & Analytics.

Irina Angel

Child and adolescent psychiatrist for a community care clinic

“School is a safe place to be vulnerable and to embrace challenging moments, which ultimately become our best teachers. I recommend this program to anyone who is curious and willing to take a leap into the unknown. It may change your life in ways you can’t imagine.”

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Christopher Szczerba Jr.

Revenue cycle analyst for an integrated community healthcare system

“The program has certainly broadened my horizons. In the workplace, it is so easy to be laser-focused on your day-to-day operations. Working through the program has already helped me develop skills and bring new ideas back to my organization.”

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