Career Success

Helping You Navigate Your Professional Journey

The health informatics and analytics field is continuously evolving, and a successful career requires continual upskilling, reskilling, and lifelong learning. As a student in the Tufts online master’s program, you will have access to Career Success—a team of coaches who can help you connect your strengths and experiences to your career goals and prepare for ongoing professional growth.

Career Planning Support

Our innovative career planning resources include regular readings and webinars, helpful digital worksheets, educational video programming, and one-on-one coaching. The Career Success team will help you define your professional preferences, areas of expertise, and personal motivations—and use those insights to design your personalized career development plan.

Throughout your time in the program, we strive to help you enhance your marketability, employability, and promotability.

Keeping Your Career in Focus

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The Career Success team provides personalized support throughout the student experience — during the application process, student onboarding, academic courses, field experience, immersions, and pre-graduation.

Improve Communities as a Health Data Professional

Request information today. We’ll pair you with a dedicated admissions counselor who can discuss how the online master’s program can prepare you for a career as a health data professional.

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Four Forms of Career Support

The Career Course

Gain insight into career planning strategies in interactive, self-paced modules designed for Tufts students and recent graduates.

Career Materials Review

Get expert feedback to help you fine-tune your resume/CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and digital portfolio.

Personal Career Coaching

Benefit from one-on-one guidance as you develop your professional goals and prepare for your job search.

Virtual Career Workshops

Participate in virtual networking and industry information sessions with professionals and peers.

Virtual Career Fairs and Employer Expos

Meet with leading employers.

Careers in Health Informatics and Health Analytics

The online interdisciplinary Master of Science in Health Informatics & Analytics program at Tufts University School of Medicine prepares healthcare, public health, data, and computer science professionals with the knowledge and practical skills they need to improve the overall health of individuals and populations using health information technology (HIT).

Health informatics and analytics professionals work at various types of health organizations, including:


Healthcare Providers

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Public Health Agencies


Clinical Research Organizations

Health Informatics and Analytics Career Outlook

By developing comprehensive health informatics and analytics skills, you will gain a deeper understanding of the full data life cycle and the crucial role HIT plays in all sectors of healthcare. These skills will allow you to guide processes that create better health outcomes and prepare you for a breadth of career opportunities in healthcare, public health, and health research. Professionals in the field help to reduce medical errors, decrease medical costs, improve patient self-management of illness, increase medical responsiveness and adaptability, improve pandemic management, and more.

Health informatics and analytics professionals may work as:

• Population health analysts
• Research and evaluation specialists
• Healthcare data management advisers
• Healthcare analysts
• Healthcare consultants
• Health services managers
• Lead informaticians

Learn more about the promising outlook and opportunities for careers in health informatics and analytics.

Plan for Your Future in HIT

Learn how Tufts Public Health Online is helping students develop professionally and discover new opportunities at every stage of the career planning cycle.